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International Outreach Fund Gives Roma Children in Belgrade a Play-Date to Remember

July 25, 2012
A-SMYLE alumni enjoy the afternoon with children from one of Belgrade's Roma settlements. American Councils’ staff and alumni in Belgrade, Serbia gave local Roma children a day to remember in June, as they were transported from their settlement to downtown Belgrade – only three kilometers, but a world away – ...

Montenegro Alumni On Board the USS Winston S. Churchill

July 24, 2012
Montenegro alumni in the bridge of the USS Winston S. Churchill Earlier this month, Montenegro alumni boarded United States Navy guided-missile destroyer USS Winston S. Churchill, temporarily docked at the port of Bar. A-SMYLE alumni Dzemal Elezagic and Ivan Vuksanovic ’07, Jelena Minic and Bozidar Stankovic ’11, and Nina Loncarevic, ...

Montenegro Alumni Share Knowledge and Enthusiasm for the 4th of July

July 13, 2012
Montenegro alumni and a group of children from Podgorica's refugee camp jointly celebrate the 4th. Montenegro alumni made the 4th of July a ‘day on,’ celebrating the American holiday by contributing to the Podgorica Food Bank’s Sweets for their Smile initiative. Using a grant from American Council’s International Outreach Fund, ...

Montenegro Alumni Debate Obama vs. Romney

July 11, 2012
A-SMYLE Montenegro alumni welcomed back A-SMYLE’s latest Montenegrin generation at June’s monthly meeting, sharing both tips for re-integration and opportunities for future involvement. The atmosphere, however, quickly heated up as Jelena Mrdovic ’12, Nemanja Ostojic ‘12, and Mina Radonjic ’12 split into Team Obama and Pavle Jankovic ’12, Fedja Pavlovic ...

Kosovo Alumni Continue Support of the Cap Project as the Network Expands

July 9, 2012
YES Kosovo alumni came together on the Fourth of July to welcome back the program’s latest generation of alumni, recently returned from the United States, and to celebrate the American holiday. As the newly-returned alumni shared their experiences, the older generation took the opportunity to promote the well-received and continually ...

Many Congratulations to A-SMYLE's Distinguished Leaders of 2012!

July 3, 2012
At the end of each school year, American Councils asks A-SMYLE Placement Organizations and Local Coordinators to nominate A-SMYLE participants who have been solid leaders in their host communities and who have effectively shown leadership skills for a Distinguished Leader award. The American Councils office in Washington, DC reviews these ...