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Your Old is Someone’s New

October 18, 2013    fundraising, Serbia, volunteering
By Maja Brkljac, Maja Pejcinovic , Nemanja Miltenovic , Stasa Pribic, Vanja Popov, A-SMYLE ‘13 The Elementary School Branko Pesic in Belgrade, Serbia, works in bad conditions, and most of the children that go there are very poor. We decided to do something to help them, so we came up ...

“YES to English” Continues in Sarajevo

By Nino Lojpur, YES Alumni Coordinator for Bosnia and Herzegovina YES alumni in Bosnia and Herzegovina are proud to announce that this academic year we will continue our cooperation with the Center for Blind and Visually Impaired Children and Youth in Sarajevo on the project “YES to English”, a free ...

Gde gori, govori!

October 17, 2013    Serbia, volunteering
By Ksenija Edelinski, Jefmija Živković, and Bruno Posša, A-SMYLE Serbia ‘13 Members of the local fire department demonstrated first aid techniques. Saturday, September 28 was a very eventful day for the people of Novi Sad.  Our project Gde gori, govori! or Where's the fire, speak! and the Association of Fire ...

Help Us and Donate

Davor Tunjić, Marta Knežević, and Nadina Kapidžić, YES Bosnia and Herzegovina '13 recently won YES project funds to carry out the project Help Us and Donate (or Pomozi i doniraj) in Tuzla.  The project was one of almost 10 region-wide that engaged newly-returned YES and A-SMYLE alumni by challenging them ...

Give a Smile

October 16, 2013    Albania, orphanage, volunteering
By Arber Dumani, YES Albania, ‘12 Arber dancing with the children at the orphanage. During my year in the United States, I had the chance to have classes with children who are mentally challenged.  Spending time with them was one of the most amazing things I have e ver done ...

Volunteering in Sofia

October 16, 2013    Bulgaria, orphanage, volunteering
By Lili Valtcheva, YES Bulgaria ‘11 Last December, two of my friends and I decided to apply to be volunteers at an orphanage in Sofia.  In April, the orphanage contacted us about when we could begin.  It was a hard process, which is one reason that it is not a ...

Global Village

October 16, 2013    Global Village, Montenegro
By Ivan Vuksanovic, Alumni Coordinator for Montenegro Ivan, second from right, shows off his national costume. Thanks to the United States Department of State and American Councils, this summer I had the opportunity to participate in one of the best experiences of my life: Global Village for Future Leaders of ...

Keeping Green in Sofia

October 10, 2013    Alumni, Bulgaria, YES
Gabriela Antova and  Lili Valtcheva, '11’, and Toma Pavlov, '12, at the annual Green Days event in Sofia, Bulgaria.

My Romani Channel

October 10, 2013    Alumni, Bulgaria, YES
By Reneta Krivonozova, YES Bulgaria, ‘12 The idea for creating a YouTube account came from all the videos I watch daily.  Some of them are related to beauty, some to lifestyle, and some to health.  I noticed that posting videos on there is a great way to spread a message—to ...

Trash Fashion Show

October 9, 2013    environment, macedonia
By Natasha Carovska, YES Macedonia '12 One of the dresses designed from recycled materials. From the trash that the students of Gostivar High School collected, I had the idea to make a Trash Fashion show, showing how so many things could be reused instead of simply thrown out.  20 local ...