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From Access With Hope

In November 2016, the YES Alumni community in Bulgaria joined the global initiative "Letters of Hope to Syrian Refugees". There are many organizations that provide humanitarian relief, food baskets, grocery debit cards, emergency shelter and hygiene kits to Syrian refugees. However, something more needs to be delivered and that is ...

A Brewed Awakening: Bosnian Tradition Brings the Feeling of Home

December 27, 2016
By: Ben B., YES Abroad 2016-2017, Bosnia and Herzegovina This story was originally written for the Sarajevo Times, an online English language media outlet based in Sarajevo, on November 24, 2016.  Almost every day, my host brother asks me, "Hoćeš kafu? Do you want coffee?”, to which I always reply yes. After preparing the ...

Dinner with the U.S. Ambassador Baily in Macedonia

December 19, 2016
Arshia Badani_photo (2)
By Arshia Badani, YES Abroad 2016-17, Macedonia (Skopje) Dinner with Ambassador Baily I chose to study abroad to be able to fully integrate into a new culture and way of life for a full year. Naturally, a profession that has always stuck out to me is Foreign Service, namely, becoming ...

Thanksgiving in Macedonia

December 1, 2016
By Jeremy Slater, YES Abroad 2016-17, Macedonia (Skopje)   Wow! Time is flying by. As the remaining leaves wither and fall from the trees and the temperature continues to drop, I am reminded of my favorite season, fall. I love this season for many reasons; however, Thanksgiving is by far ...

YES Abroad Macedonia visit the city of Tetovo

November 7, 2016
Group picture inside the Colorful Mosque
-By Kyra Jasper, YES Abroad 2016-17, Macedonia (Skopje)   On October 22nd, the YES Abroad group had its second cultural excursion and first beyond the city limits of Skopje to the beautiful town of Tetovo. At 9:30am, Vesna and our group boarded the bus for a 45 minute ride to ...

European Day of Languages celebrated at JBT host high school

November 1, 2016
- By Jaleh Shambayati , YES Abroad 2016-17,  Macedonia ( Skopje)   The European Day of Languages is an event sponsored by the Council of Europe that is dedicated to recognizing the diversity of languages spoken throughout the world. This year the European Day of Languages was September 26, and schools ...

FLEX and YES Alumni Unite to Develop Entrepreneurial Skills for Social Change

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From October 12-16, 34 FLEX and YES alumni from Southeast Europe representing seven countries and seven program generations gathered in Krushevo, Macedonia, for the StartQube Social Entrepreneurship Workshop. The StartQube program was developed by Startup Zone, a Macedonia-based team who are themselves young entrepreneurs. This program was funded by the ...

YES Program recruiter encounters the curiosities of Lord Byron

October 19, 2016
ALB flight 2
By Christopher Thomas Barber: Traveling by furgon from the capital of Albania, Tirana, towards the YES program testing center in Fier, one is easily overwhelmed by the natural beauty of the lush Albanian hinterland. The highway towards Fier evades the jagged mountains east of Tirana, leading the passenger through the ...

Wedding Weekend in the Hills of Bosnia and Herzegovina

- By Tana Korhonen, YES Abroad 2016-17, Bosnia and Herzegovina (Banja Luka) Tana with her host mom, host sister and girl at the wedding   This weekend, I attended a wedding in a small town called Mrkonjić Grad, which is approximately 36 miles of winding roads away from Banja Luka, my home in ...

FLEX Participants Follow in the Footsteps of Tesla, Pupin, Abramović...

October 3, 2016
Barber, Chris and Nikola Tesla
While strolling past the Spanish, Turkish, and Belgian embassies one Saturday afternoon in Belgrade on Krunska street, I noticed the Nikola Tesla Museum was open to visitors. In an attempt to escape the September heat, I soon found myself taking refuge among a number of Tesla’s inventions. Among the induction motors, ...