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Beginner English Language Learning Plus (BELL+) Program Launched in Serbia

October 23, 2017    bell+, English, Englishlanguage, Serbia
As of October 22, 2017, the the Beginner English Language Learning (BELL+) program has been officially launched at all eight eight American Corners across Serbia. This semester alone, BELL+ will provide free-of-charge beginner English language instruction to adults from Serbia with the aim of increasing participant employability. Over the course ...

Travelling Serbia and Testing Students for FLEX: An American in Zaječar!

October 17, 2017
My name's is Bo Knutson, and I’m working this Fall as a Participant Recruiter for the FLEX and YES Programs. I first worked in this position nine years ago, in the Fall of 2009, and since then I have recruited in 5 years in Russia, Ukraine, Kosovo, Macedonia, and Serbia. ...

I am learning Bulgarian / Аз Уча Български

October 12, 2017    Bulgaria, yes abroad
By  Margaret Gleason, YES abroad 2017/2018, Bulgaria "Happy October everyone! Whoa. It’s October. I got here in August. I have now officially spent an entire calendar month in Bulgaria. Whoa. I would write a reflection looking back on my first month in Bulgaria — what I’ve learned, what I’ve done, ...

FLEX Appreciation Day Celebration in Serbia

October 1, 2017
By Nemanja Miltenovic '13, FLEX Serbia Alumni Coordinator In the FLEX world, September 27th is commonly known as the Appreciation Day. The celebration is meant to show the impact of the program on alumni, and those around them: friends, family, and the community. If you look up the official hashtag: ...