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Everyday is a Holiday

January 21, 2019    Bulgaria, exchangeourworld, klyes, yesabroad
Grace 1
By Grace Bird, YES abroad Bulgaria '18 Today while eating breakfast with my host mom, she laughingly told me, “Today is a holiday!”. We laugh because every day, especially in the recent weeks of late December and Early January, there has been a new celebration. Bulgaria is primarily Orthodox Christian, ...

Belgrade Photo Blog - A Slice of Life

January 17, 2019
by Adriana Garcia, 2018-19 Balkan Language Initiative program participant Belgrade Photo Blog - A Slice of Life This photo above was taken during one of my cultural activities last month at a 'посориште' or theater in Belgrade, Serbia. I got the opportunity to attend this event with my host-mother and ...

Appreciation level-unmatched

January 7, 2019
by Lauren Leadbetter YES abroad Bulgaria '18                               In the past few months, I’ve been given the opportunity to travel outside of Bulgaria and see some of the places that travelers in Sofia often talk about. ...