A Fundraising Party for FLEX in Niš, Serbia!

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By Tara Đelić, A-SMYLE/FLEX Alumni Coordinator for Serbia

Žurka za FLEX

Our alumni know how to have fun while advocating for a good cause! A-SMYLE/FLEX alumnae from Niš, Jelena Ristić and Marija Đigić, threw a fundraising party to help American Councils send additional students from Serbia to the U.S. on FLEX program. About 100 people enjoyed a fundraising concert advertised throughout the city of Niš, and supported the cause!

As you might know, FLEX program is a high school exchange program sponsored by the U.S. Department of State. So, FLEX is a free of charge, merit-based program. Early this year Branko Bracković, alumnus of A-SMYLE (now known as FLEX) and Yale graduate, started a campaign to sponsor two students and send them on A-SMYLE/FLEX. Branko succeeded and motivated both American Councils and other A-SMYLE/FLEX alumni from Serbia to go on with this campaign and continue collecting money to bring more students to the U.S. on FLEX! Marija Đigić and Jelena Ristić did not wait long to join the campaign. They collected money for FLEX just by throwing a party. As simple as that!