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By Shpresa Frrokaj, YES Kosovo’13


Shpresa Frrokaj shares her California experiences

YES Alumni of Kosovo have been connecting bridges between American and Albanian culture through different activities. This month we decided to get our community acquainted with the western part of United States.

On Thursday, February 20th, 15 university students gathered at the American Corner in Pristina to listen to a presentation about California – my host state. Everyone knew about the Hollywood version of California, but not many knew much about the earlier California, thus I gave them a little background on the history and formation of the Golden State.

Later on, I talked about Natural California – the beautiful forests, beaches, deserts and mountains which give the state its geographical variety. The students were stunned to find out that within two hours of travel you can move from a warm beach to a snowy mountain!

Next, I presented the most famous part of California – the urban life. I talked about the biggest cities like Los Angeles and San Francisco and I shared my experiences from visits there. The students were very excited to learn many new facts about California’s tourist attractions.

Last but not least, I talked about Bakersfield, my host town. I shared pictures of my host school, host family, friends and many activities I did there. The students were amazed to see a typical American town up close; to learn about the lifestyle, system of education and many other things. They were very eager to learn about California and asked many questions, which I gladly answered. The presentation was very rewarding for both sides.

Talking about my host state not only brought a little piece of America back to me nine months after returning home, but also through sharing my experience, I was able to give the students a greater insight on California, thus bringing a piece of America to them as well.