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The first YES and FLEX SEE Alumni Coordinators Training and PDO Support conference was held in Krushevo, Macedonia from Saturday, July 9 to Tuesday, July 12.

AC conference 2016The seven Alumni Coordinators from South East Europe met to discuss several topics that included how to develop programs for regional cooperation, how to prepare for re-entry seminars, and how to engage both alumni living abroad and senior alumni. They also listened to an overview of the YES Alumni Association Leaders Training held in South Africa and a presentation of the results and next steps of this training.

Rebecca Strattan,  the Program Officer for Secondary School Programs and Alumni Coordinator Supervisor, led the training. She was assisted by Elvira Dana, who is the Regional Director for Southeast Europe.

During the session that focused on developing programs, Alumni Coordinators brainstormed ways to improve regional cooperation through programming for American Councils as well as projects led by alumni.

Because re-entry seminars are a critical part of the students’ experiences and these seminars in part are organized and led by Alumni Coordinators, one session was dedicated to reviewing the Re-entry curriculum. 13819829_10209865986877348_92139955_n

Besides dealing with new alumni, Alumni Coordinators must engage and support older alumni and alumni living abroad. During the training, Alumni Coordinators discussed ways to keep these alumni connected by using social media in addition to planning events for them. They also discussed ways to best engage alumni who are young professionals and have various interests and skills.

In addition to these sessions, Alumni Coordinators spent time going over several professional skill areas such as volunteer management, time management, large-scale event planning, and project branding. The Alumni Coordinators will now work to move forward and use the skills they learned to implement projects and continue to bring the alumni community together.