Anti-Bullying Campaign in Kosovo for GYSD

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By Alba Boshnjaku, YES Kosovo’13


Bullying has been a phenomenon existing in the society since forever. Making a very negative impact on the victim’s life, bullying appears in different forms–from cyber bullying to physical bullying. This negative phenomenon has been spread almost everywhere and recently in Kosovo it has become a very dominant factor, many times leading to loss of students’ lives.

Believing that this phenomenon is harming our community, we the YES Alumni in recognition of Global Youth Service Day and in collaboration with the organization “Bonu Burre”/”Be a man” initiated an anti-bullying campaign.

The main target groups were high school students including bullies, victims and other people around them. The idea behind our project was to give courage to the victims in raising their voice against this unwanted, aggressive behavior as well as to make an impact on students to stop bullying because by behaving in this negative manner (or just standing on the sidelines giving attention to the actions and doing nothing) students are encouraging bullying.

Therefore, to achieve our goal we did a video which is named “Thuaj JO ngacimeve”/”Say no to bullying.” Each of us who participated in the video are holding a note with an offensive expression that at a point in our lives was directed towards us or that we have said it without realizing that someone else is being hurt.

Although this might be only one step forward to stop bullying and despite the fact that what we are doing might be just a drop in the ocean we should always keep in mind that because of that missing drop the ocean would be less, a great advice given by the symbol of peace, Mother Teresa.