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By Sanja Duric, A-SMYLE Serbia, ’09

BIMUN (Belgrade International Model UN) is an international conference, a simulation of the work of the UN bodies that has taken place every year in Belgrade, Serbia since 2004. This year’s BIMUN took place from the 14-17 of March.

It is organized by the United Nations Association of Serbia with the support of the Serbian government, namely the Ministry of Finance and Economy, the Office of Cooperation with the Diaspora and Serbs in the region, the National Assembly of the Republic of Serbia, and the Assembly of the City of Belgrade.


300 delegates gathered to participate in the 2013 BIMUN event, followed UN procedure and learned about International Relations. They even had time for a photo!

This year it gathered around 300 young people (high school students and college students) from around the world who spent three days in Belgrade debating and trying to solve the global issues. It is a unique opportunity in Serbia to experience how the United Nations actually works, and this year I had the honor to be a part of the BIMUN organizing team!

Delegates worked in six different committees, followed the strict rules of the procedure based upon the real working procedures of the UN bodies, and at the end of the conference, each committee successfully adopted a resolution.

The organizing team, myself included, worked diligently for months to prepare for the conference, and at times it was challenging, but at the end very rewarding. I am delighted that I had the privilege to work hand-in-hand with successful, young, bright, and wonderful people who were my colleagues when we started the preparations for BIMUN 2013, and who I consider to be my friends now.

I have to say that I learned a lot while researching the topics, but I also learned from my team members and the delegates who we carefully selected. It truly was a great experience that I will cherish not only because of the things I learned, or the practical skills I gained, but because of the amazing people I met who came from so many different countries and cultures.

Belgrade International Model United Nations definitely strengthened my desire to further explore the world of politics and to become a diplomat one day. I believe BIMUN was a valuable experience for the delegates as well and the proof that I have done my part of the job well was when one of the delegates from my committee approached me and said: “It was great. See you next year!”

With these words I would like to conclude and invite you all to join me at BIMUN 2014. It was great. See you next year!