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by Mirela Minkova, YES sudent from Bulgaria currently on the program in Edwardsville High school, Illinois

I have been in Edwardsville, Illinois for a month and a half but I already feel like a part of that amazing community. I am thankful for the great opportunity that the YES program gave me. Every day I learn new things about America and I teach people about Bulgarian culture. My experience so far has been really exciting and I am happy to share some of my most awesome moments. I want more students in Bulgaria to find out how much they can gain from an exchange year and I want to encourage everyone interested to apply!

Now I am a senior at Edwardsville High school and my wonderful host sister, Dara, is a freshman. We are having a lot of fun together. In one of the photos that I am sending, Dara and I are enjoying one of the best zoos in the US – Saint Louis Zoo. On the other photo we are having a great time at the lake at Holiday Shore, Illinois. It was my first time kayaking. On the third photo I am at my first American football game. I was really excited to take a picture with Edwardsville High School mascot, the Tiger! I feel great and I am an active part of the school life. I believe that it is an amazing experience and that everyone should try and apply to become an YES exchange student.