Celebrating Earth Day in Belgrade at the Supernatural Festival

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By Gala Patenkovic, A-SMYLE Serbia, ‘11

On April 20, six A-SMYLE alumni gathered to help prepare for the Supernatural Festival on Ada Huja in Belgrade. Every year, the festival celebrates Earth Day by organizing educational and creative programs. This year more than 7,000 visitors enjoyed the workshops, music, educational booths, promotion of eco-tourism, and much more.

There were a total of six A-SMYLE volunteers helping out at the festival. Since this was also a bring-a-friend event, alumni had the chance to expand the spirit of volunteerism and include their friends in the action. The six alumni were Tara Djelic, ’08; Aleksandar Nikolic, ’12; Ana Janosev, ’09; Jelena Djukic, ’12; Jelena Karlica, ’11; and Gala Patenkovic, ’11.  They were joined by two friends (Kristina Belic and Misca de Vries) and the Open World coordinator at American Councils, Milena Otasevic.

The volunteers helped clean the space intended for parking and removed all materials which could be damaging to the vehicles. The action took place on April 20, and the following day the volunteers also had the possibility to attend and help out at the festival if they wished to. Two A-SMYLE volunteers, Ana and Aleksandar, also helped the day of the Festival—April 21st.