Charity Concert “Let’s Sing for the Dragons”(“Pevajmo za Zmajeve”)

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By Dusan Ilic, Alumni Coordinator for Serbia

On 25th of May, A-SMYLE Alumnus Aleksandar Nikolic, with the help of me and alumna Marija Aca koncertDraskic ’07, organized a charity concert for orphanage Jovan Jovanovic Zmaj. The goal of this concert was to collect money to buy sanitary products for the shelter.

All the performers voluntarily performed, and the concert venue was donated by the Misker House, Belgrade. ELECTRIC FEEDBACK, Elena Erdeljanović and Mihailo, Ivan Ristanović, and Marija Draškić and Filip had a wonderful stage performance, that made the whole audience relax and enjoy a very pleasant evening. Many other Alumni came to support this project and the Ambassador of Switzerland even attended!

Audience during the concert

Audience during the concert

Overall, the concert was a great success! Over $475 was collected which was used to purchase sanitary equipment and other items needed for the orphanage “Jovan Jovanovic Zmaj“ in Belgrade.