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On December 28, our alumna Julija Stojanova (YES ’17, hosted by AFS in Beaver Dam, WI) organized a Christmas eco card workshop for young children in her home town of Kratovo, Macedonia. Julija and the children used old and recycled materials to craft wonderful cards with goal to share the Holiday spirit and to raise the eco awareness of the young children in her community.

MACEDONIA Kratovo Christmas Eco Cards organized by alumna Julija Stojanova '17

Led by the quote There is no such thing as ‘away’. When we throw anything away it must go somewhere”, around 35 children in the second grade from the elementary school in Kratovo participated and showed their creativity, as well as learned the importance of recycling and reusing of old materials. Julija had additional help in her mission of sharing eco awareness of two volunteers from the school. Together, they managed to demonstrate in a fun and interactive way the significance of learning about the environment and the ways to help nurture it.