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The City Representatives met on Thursday, July 14 and Friday, July 15 in Berovo, Macedonia at Hotel Manastir  for a mid-term conference to discuss past projects and brainstorm ideas for future projects.

13669063_1192443757484641_4652138620498070581_nAfter the group arrived and ate lunch together, they engaged in several team-building activities to kick off the conference.  They then discussed the successes and challenges of past projects to better determine how to plan more successful projects in the future. In another session, they evaluated their progress thus far and determined ways to better support fellow City Representatives.

The City Representatives are also looking to improve the motivation and involvement of local alumni, so they went over ways to engage the alumni community in future projects. After discussing their strategy for this, they planned ways to engage with the larger community using social media. In addition to this, they also sought to come up with innovative ways to improve the alumni community as a whole to better the experience of the alumni and the impact they can have as a community.

13836016_10209890796017561_63349290_oThe group also discussed U.S. Embassy grants and AEIF possibilities to create new partnerships. They then were debriefed about the Alumni Coordinator conference that took place a few days earlier in Krushevo, Macedonia. The City Representatives then volunteered at a local orphanage. They discussed the possibility of holding English classes for the children in the orphanage so they would be able to apply for the YES program in the future. After their trip to the orphanage, they ate dinner together and went their separate ways to implement several of their ideas.