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When YES Alumni Marija Krsteva wanted to volunteer more in her community and promote the opportunities that are available through YES Abroad, she decided to become a City Representative.

City Representatives are leaders within the YES Alumni community, and they work to coordinate and promote various projects within their groups. City Representatives take initiative to help others with their volunteer projects, and they also work to plan their own volunteer projects.


Marija Krsteva

“I wanted to challenge the kids to apply (to YES Abroad) and show them that everything is possible through my example,” she said. “I was also thrilled about working with other people, sharing ideas and learning something new.

Once she became a City Representative, Krsteva began a project she called “Seeing Beyond Blindness.” She reached out to blind members of the area where she lived and spoke with them about their needs. After determining how she could best assist them, she worked to obtain a grant through American Councils to purchase 16 white canes for blind individuals who needed them.


Angela Gekanovik

This is just one of the projects Krsteva has worked on during her time as a City Representative, and both she and YES Alumni City Coordinator Angela Gjekanovikj agree that the position has allowed them to make meaningful connections with those around them and in turn have a positive impact on the community.

Gjekanovikj most recently led a team of YES Abroad students and YES Alumni as they prepared for seven months to compete in the Model United Nations conference. She organized workshops to improve the team members’ resolution writing and public speaking skills. The team went on to represent one of the biggest countries in the competition, Russia, and two members of her team were selected to receive the “best  delegate award.”

In addition to leading the Model United Nations team, Gjekanovikj has facilitated entrepreneurship training during her time as a City Representative. She used NESTA training and tools from a British Councils to lead interactive activities to help the nine participants in attendance develop business ideas and create plans to execute future projects. The goal of the program was to support a diverse group of individuals to start their own businesses and in turn grow business in Macedonia.

Because of the various activities she has participated in while serving as a City Representative, Gjekanovikj said her time in the position has been “interesting and rewarding.” Krsteva also said she enjoys the position because she can help those in her community.

“I can help people directly and indirectly (as a City Representative,” Krsteva said. “For example, I can encourage these kids to apply and I have helped them indirectly, but maybe if I actually teach blind kids some English, I have helped them directly. I feel like I am alive, doing something right.”