Creative Workshops In Girls’ Orphanage

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By Kristina Lukajic & Katarina Sesic, YES Bosnia and Herzegovina ‘13

The project we organized took place in a girls’ orphanage in our town, Banja Luka. It consisted of five creative workshops over a number of weeks, during which we did craft projects, origami, interior design, and fashion and makeup tutorials with the girls at the orphanage.  The girls who participated are between 11 and 14 years old.

During the workshops, we shared creative ideas, learned new techniques of decorating furniture and living environment, talked about fashion and the proper dress code for different occasions, tips for applying makeup, as well as the importance of personal hygiene.  We managed to keep the girls interested in what we were doing, and they seemed very excited and willing to work during all of the workshops.

This project was a beautiful experience because we were able to work with children and organize educational and entertaining workshops that they really enjoyed.  What we are really proud of is that we motivated the girls to develop their creativity and artistic skills, which they used to decorate their living space and discover new hobbies.  The best proof to this is the new look of their rooms, decorated with vivid colors, drawings, and origami figures.  It was a pleasure to see how proud they were of the work they had done.  And for us and the other volunteers—friends of ours from our community—it was great to work with the girls and teach them new creative things that can later help them in school or in life.

We really enjoyed every moment spent with the girls, and we made a lot of new friends.  We hope that this is just a beginning and we will keep visiting the girls and organizing other interesting projects, this time for both boys and girls.