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By Davor Tunjic, YES Bosnia and Herzegovina ’13

The project that we started on 1st August 2014 started off with a training about youth activism and volunteerism for youngsters in my community. It showed the participants from Bistarac, and other neighboring communities, how to become volunteers. The trainers were experienced young leaders who went through a lot of trainings on the same topic. The training was organized for 15 young locals. To fund supplies and activities for this project, I was able to find funding from a small YES alumni grant, the Youth Bank Lukavac, and donations from people and companies in my community.

The second stage of the project took place on August 2nd and 3rd and involved renovating an old sport field, which was the first opportunity for young people in my community to experience true volunteerism. We painted the basketball poles and we got new hoops and nets. Soccer is the favorite sport in my community, so we made new goals for mini-soccer and we painted new lines on the concrete field. The new volleyball field was made right next to the sport field. 

On August 15th, we reached the third stage of the project, which was organizing a sports day for young people in my community and celebrating our hard work with a barbecue. One of the volunteers asked me: “When will we organize something similar to this, we made an amazing change here!?” I was happy to see that young people from my community got engaged, and I hope we will do more activities like these in the future.