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By Stefan Raicevic, A-SMYLE Montenegro ‘12


In between tournament games, participants pose for a picture.

Alumni groups always work really hard to transform cool ideas into real events, and not even the beginning of summer, or final exams can stop them!  During the month of July, Vasilije Adzic, Amar DIzdarevic, Marko Delic, and I, all A-SMYLE Montenegro ’12, decided to go talk to our peers and demonstrate how easy it is to create public event with impact on society.

We organized 3 on 3 basketball tournament with goal of fundraising money for one local high school’s gymnasium roof.  During the project, we gave our peers a chance to help us out and learn more about how to run such a project  and to that it’s possible to have an impact on one’s community with creativity and initiative!

Teams from four Montenegrin cities competed for the prize of 700 Euros for their school and a team prize, which was provided by our sponsors.  After a lot of struggle, sweat, missed shots, and great plays, a team from the host city of Bar took the gold medal and top prize and helped their school fix its gym’s leaking roof.

We are proud to say that we had approximately 100 spectators at the tournament, and we are still being asked if we are going to organize this tournament again next year.  So make sure to use your position an alum to demonstrate to your friends how easy it is to make an impact!

One of the tournament games in action.

One of the tournament games in action.