2014 Global Youth Service Month in Bosnia and Herzegovina

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By Nino Lojpur, YES Alumni Coordinator for Bosnia and Herzegovina

YES alumni group in Bosnia and Herzegovina organized a couple of activities to join in the global effort called Global Youth Service Day (GYSD). Across the country, during April, we helped make a change by doing different projects, either alone with partners or in groups.

Nikola Pozderovic ’13 continued teaching English to children in a local kindergarten in Teslic. His class counts up to 30 kids, and it wasn’t different for GYSD. With simple tactics, such as listening to songs in English, teaching simple phrases, etc. he hopes to influence the kids to continue learning English.

Davor Tunjic ’13 helped out in a project named Tell Me a Story. He helped with the organization, and he also read stories to children in the National Library in Tuzla.

Sanda Hanjalic ’10 and Helena Vukovic ’10 visited the Center for the Blind and Visually Impaired Children and Youth in Sarajevo where they hold English classes under YES to English. They are both paired up with a student from the Center.

Dzenana Brkic ’12 held Learning Braille classes, at which she hopes to make the gap between the blind and the sighted smaller. The participants are taught how to use the Braille machine, as well as how to write and read Braille. Most importantly, this is a great opportunity for the two groups to come and spend time together.

Nino Lojpur ’10 and Abedin Kustura ’12, alongside YES Abroad students, their host families, as well as some friends and colleagues did a cleanup of the historical White Fortress in the old part of Sarajevo. They collected over thirty large trash bags in a couple of hours.

The alumni community in Sarajevo and the surrounding places organized a caps drive. The plastic caps were collected in order to be recycled. For every 250kg we are able to get a wheelchair. Many alumni, including Andrea Jarak ’12, helped with this activity, alongside other partners, such as the Music High School in Sarajevo, and of course, YES Abroad students.

Another activity in the area was a clothes drive. While this activity was going on for a while, we managed to donate the clothes in Hadzici for GYSD. Aluni helped spread the word about the activity, and some donated clothes and shoesm, such as Nejra Rizvanovic ’10.

Global Youth Service Day was more like Global Youth Service Month for our group. Taking on different problems and working with different groups, we hoped to make our communities a little bit more aware, cleaner, and friendlier.