GYSD continues beyond April in Albania

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By Linda Bardha, Alumni Coordinator for Albania, ‘11

On May 2, in honor of Global Youth Service Day, eight YES Albania alumni and I visited a special school called “Zera Jete” in Elbasan, Albania, that takes care of 80 children with special needs—including children with autism with downs syndrome.

Alumni bought colored paper, modeling clay, markers, watercolors, coloring books, and much more for the students.  The children were very talented in drawing, painting, and making different animals with the clay.

The director of the school, Mrs. Rezarta Bicoku and the teachers were very hospitable and we spent some time painting, playing, and dancing with the children. It was a special day for all of us, and we hope to schedule more activities in the future with this school because those children really need attention and deserve to be happy!