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A short story about life from Mirsolav Pehlev currently on YES exchange in Howell, Michigan, USA

-by Miroslav Pehlev, YES 18-19


‘Life is all about exploring’ That is what always leads my curiosity. I will never forget how I became an exchange student. It was a long, but more than exciting process. A year ago I didn’t even imagine how far this application might send me, as well as how much I can grow as a person. Yes, the YES program literally does it. And our mission as YES students is to keep going and develop our interests while on exchange.


I already spent a month since I arrived in the US. And I cannot stop being amazed how many opportunities our host communities provide. The only thing I was not keen on was the cold weather in my state. But it doesn’t matter at all, because here everything is so beautiful. And leaving these things apart, I would like to mention that there is nothing to do about the placements. It’s all about the kind people you will meet, the friendships you will make, the unforgettable moments you will remember and the passionate and caring host families. Nevertheless, being a part of the YES community is more than exciting. I can’t describe how many awesome new people I met since I participate. But what mostly makes me happy, is the fact that I started this journey successfully.

There is no doubt that the American high school is providing so many opportunities for exchange students. No matter where we are, there will always be something for us. And if not, then we can create it on our own. This is how me and my friend – an exchange student from Kyrgyzstan, decided to make a Russian club together. This year my high school introduced to its students something new – a weekly class for self-related activities, in which we can write our homework, study for tests, ask for help from teachers or just relax, all this in the middle of the day. But as long as some long-term clubs emerged during this hour, taking place once a week, we found a fabulous opportunity and potential in that gap between classes. Shortly after we started attending it, our proposal for a Russian language club was admitted by the office and they even found a sponsoring teacher for us. Very soon we had the number of students needed for our club. Finally, I can say that this plan will hopefully be realized in a week and I can’t wait to see what is going to happen.

I’d like to encourage all the future and present exchange students, who are reading this, not to be afraid from the unknown that is expecting them in this vast and diverse country. You are chosen to become a part of the YES family for your abilities – and here you can show what you are capable of. Teach people about your culture, travel when possible, eat new food, hang out with friends and enjoy the small moments, even if there is something not that special. Be thankful for everything you have, and don’t forget to share the best moments you experience with your host family, because they are your closest ones here. And of course, say yes to YES.


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