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Through the ABC Media Literacy Camp 2018, youth from all parts of Bulgaria will gain skills to evaluate, understand, and use information in engaging and innovative ways. The goals of the 3-day camp are for campers to analyze and critically review and understand media messages in a variety of forms; broadcast and produce media using electronic tools readily available to youth in Bulgaria; and connect and transfer skills and knowledge to local communities. Participants will be selected on the basis of strong engagement in contemporary media and motivation to engage their peers in a dialogue about media literacy. During the camp, participants will be provided with foundational knowledge in print, video and web media. They will increase their skill and aptitude in these content areas through hands-on analysis and through collaborative media projects such as public service announcements and social media campaigns. Sessions will be theoretical, practical and collaborative, utilizing a “training of trainers” approach that will prepare participants to not only utilize the approach they are exploring, but effectively share their knowledge and skills with countless members of their local communities after the conclusion of the camp.

ABC Camp Trainers will lead small groups of up to 5 Bulgarian youth in a series of interactive sessions. Trainers will contribute to the development of the curriculum for their group prior to the start of the camp, with guidance and support from American Councils staff. All activities will be conducted in English.

In order to be considered as a trainer, a candidate must:
-Be from, or currently reside in, Bulgaria.
-Have demonstrable training, expertise, and experience in media literacy topics, including:
—Use of critical thinking skills
—Understanding how media messages shape our culture and society
—Identifying target marketing strategies
—Recognizing what the media maker wants us to believe or do
—Naming the techniques of persuasion used
—Recognizing bias, spin, misinformation, and lies
—Discovering the parts of the story that are not being told
—Evaluating media messages based on our own experiences, skills, beliefs, and values
—Creating and distributing their own media messages
—Advocating for media justice
—Designing and implementing a community-oriented media literacy project
-Have past teaching or training experience and the ability to contribute to the development of curriculum.
-Have good working English language skills
-Be available to attend and actively participate in both the camp and training of trainers in Sofia.

Trainers will be selected by a panel of evaluators based on application materials, interviews, and professional background and experience. Interested candidates must complete and submit the online application, including all supporting documents requested, by October 21, 2018 11:59 PM EEST. Candidates who are selected for interviews will be notified by October 26, 2018, and interviews will be conducted in the period October 30-November 2, 2018.

Please direct questions to the American Councils Bulgaria team at