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-by Alex Dzhebarov, YES 18-19

Hello, my name is Alex Dzhebarov and since two months I live in the sunny city of Pueblo, Colorado. On 21st of August I arrived in the US and honestly every day I’ve spent here has been an amazing adventure. During these two months which passed so quickly I did number of things I never thought I would do. I wanted to come to the US and become a YES scholar for so long but I never imagined that my experience here will be that awesome. I can’t even chose what to start with.

I’m amazed with so many things and the American life keeps surprising me with something new every day. During the last month I had two Spirit weeks in school – weeks during which the students dress differently every day. Every day had a theme and people dressed as construction workers, cowboys and wizards were going around the school. I’ve never imagined that I would go to school dressed like that. At the end of the first week my school had an American football game against the other big school in the city. Both schools have an old rivalry so the students go watch the game and support their school’s team. Everybody was dressed in the school colors and cheered for our team. Before this night I’ve only had seen something like that on the movies. That was my best night in America so far because it wasn’t even like on the movies, it was way better. The other spirit week was Homecoming week. Homecoming is the first school dance for the year. The whole school cafeteria in my school was decorated and turned into one big dance floor where everybody was dressed up and dancing. I went with my friends and had so much fun. The day before there was another American football game I went to. I love going to the games and feeling the energy of the crowd and the school spirit going around.


I’m really surprised how different the schools in America are and I still can’t believe I go to one of them. I love my school and every Sunday I look forward to the upcoming Monday to go to school and see my friends. For these two months I visited number of places in my state and soon I’m going on a trip to Kentucky with my host mother. I was on my school’s tennis team and recently I joined two clubs. I did 55 community service hours and became a student of the month. I found many new friends here, but my first American friend was my host family’s dog – Cooper. I’ve never been around animals and now I have three cats, two dogs, a ferret and a lizard! I needed some time to get used to all of them but now I can’t imagine my American life without them. My host parents are awesome and support me in everything, I’m really grateful to be hosted by them. They are not just my host parents, but also I feel them like really close friends I can sit and talk for hours with. Next week is Halloween and I and my host parents already picked pumpkins from a field so we can carve them and decorate the house for the holiday. I’m so excited because Halloween is just the beginning of the holiday season and after it there are Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year waiting to be celebrated.

I can still remember how excited I was just before one year, filling my application and imaging how I could experience all of that. Before I even realized that it was happening I was on the plane, crossing the ocean and starting to live my American dream. If you also want your American dream to become true, say Yes to YES and apply online at until 31 October


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