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By Reneta Krivonozova, YES Bulgaria, ‘12

The idea for creating a YouTube account came from all the videos I watch daily.  Some of them are related to beauty, some to lifestyle, and some to health.  I noticed that posting videos on there is a great way to spread a message—to reach as many people as possible and say everything that we need to say.  I also liked that there would be a face related to the idea it’s spreading, not just an article to read and never remember.  I decided that I would talk about an issue I have deal with ever since I was born and something that I wasn’t OK with hearing.  I chose the topic of Roma people (gypsies) since it’s something that I can completely relate to, since I myself am Roma, and give an “insiders” point of view to.

After I set my topic, I wanted to talk about something that wouldn’t cause drama or conflicts when people watched it, so I tried to stay away from political and ethnic conflicts.  In my videos I decided that I am going to talk about our traditions and customs, since in my opinion these are the factors that can sometimes cause hatred toward our ethnic group.

So, like the videos I had seen before, I set up my iPod and started talking.  I was very nervous in my first video; it took me four times to film a decent one.  I thought I would start from the beginning and I did.  I was nervous before filming each one of them, but with every new video, I grow more used to talking to my iPod, and I am planning to keep up with filming more videos.

I am very happy with this project of mine since I am spreading a message that we, Roma, are not everything that the media in Bulgaria presents us to be.  I also want to explain why certain events and things happen in our community and give a clearer perspective of us.  I hope it’s helpful for those who don’t have any idea what a Roma person is like and I hope that I changed somebody’s opinion about us to a better direction.

Check out some of my videos here!