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Brendan Schultz, YES abroad student Macedonia shared his experience of organizing presentations in High School Josip Broz Tito in his own words:

“For May 10 and 17, I organized two video conferences between Gymnazija Josip Broz Tito, a public, college-preparatory high school in Skopje, my host city in Macedonia, and East Lyme High School, my home high school in the United States. The video conferences were on the subject of the differences between Macedonian and American high school and teenage life. Both of the video conferences were highly anticipated by the Macedonian high school students, and about sixty students showed up on the Macedonian side for each video conference.

b7663859-9174-466f-b37a-d09d67105d3fOf course, the Macedonians outdid the Americans, as only about fifteen Americans showed up for each of the conferences. Despite the inherent technical issues of having a trans-Atlantic video conference, both the Macedonian and American students were able to ask plenty of questions ranging from holidays, high school classes, extracurricular activities and even nightlife. The Macedonians were very surprised to discover that most of the American students are home by eleven on the weekend and that the Americans typically only go over to each other’s houses. The students on both sides were a little shy to speak and ask questions, but the Macedonian students were active in asking me questions after the conference.

Overall, the video conferences opened the eyes of Macedonian and American high school students on how the other students live and made everyone realized that, despite being thousands of miles away, people from different cultures are not so different after all.”