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By: Vesna Naumovska, YES Abroad coordinator

YES Abroad students at Mladost Lake Veles

On the last weekend of April (25th – 26th 2015), the YES Abroad students Emily, Natalia and Faber, accompanied by the AC Macedonia staff went on the last cultural excursion around the cities in the south-east part of Macedonia. It was interesting that we had rainy morning, but the sun found the way out and was with us whole weekend showing the amazing rainbow few times.

First stop was in Veles. Students had breakfast in a beautiful outdoor restaurant near the Veles Lake “Mladost”. Although it was early in the morning, it was interesting to see how the hotel staff was preparing for a lot of guests coming to spend the day. It was getting warmer, so we changed our clothes, took some photos and drove to our next stop Shtip.

In Shtip the YES Abroad students were excited that we went into a shoe factory “Bargala” that distributes the shoes all around Europe. They had an unique opportunity to see how Macedonian factories and their departments operate but also to see the final products – the newest summer collection.

Our next stop was Radovish. We were all greeted by YES Alumnus and had traditional lunch with delicious food famous for this region. After the lunch students took a walk around the city, visited monuments and churches and were lucky that they had a chance to see traditional Macedonian wedding in a church.

At the end of the day they arrived at the Hotel Bel Kamen. They relaxed and enjoyed the SPA. Rested, but still tired after the dinner they went to their room and charged the batteries for the next day.

Visiting a local church in Radovish

Visiting a local church in Radovish

Second day, after the breakfast the students were all excited about the barbeque (in a Macedonian way) in a mountain lodge house near the hotel. YES Alumnus and his friends organized buying a food and all necessary supplies for making the barbeque. We all went there, students helped in preparing the food and had amazing moments walking around and play sports. The students had great time during the lunch, the different kind of barbeque and the camp fire was very interesting for them.

Traditional Lunch in Radovish

Traditional Lunch in Radovish

After a Macedonian traditional moment – having a coffee after lunch and a little rest, we left the Hotel. On the way back to Skopje we stopped by to the family house of YES Alumnus who made this trip very interesting and enjoyable experience. Students were warmly and traditionally welcomed with all the love and respect and again Macedonian traditional snacks and cookies. They had a chance to meet Ljupce’s whole family and show how comfortable they are with the Macedonian language. After a short stop for an ice cream – a unique Macedonian – we finally finished this wonderful weekend full with beautiful moments.