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By Reneta Krivonozova, YES Bulgaria ’12

One day in school, during the break between classes, my classmates and I were discussing ways that American schools motivate their students and make school a fun place for them. I told them that at my American high school in Iowa, we had Spirit Days and Dress-Up Days during Homecoming week. They thought it was a very interesting idea and they wanted to try it in our school here in Raitkovo, Bulgaria.

We got a group of students from my grade together and we decided the themes for each day of the week. We assigned responsibilities and began to work. We made posters that explained every day and the rules of the dress-code. For example, Monday was Color Day so odd numbered grades had to wear red and even numbered grades had to wear white. We also had Pajama Day, which was a big shock for some school staff and students, but still many people came to school in their pajamas.

We also had Decade Day (where you dress in the clothes of a specific decade) and Gender Reversal Day (where the girls dress like boys and the boys dress like girls.)

Reneta (right) dresses up for Gender Reversal Day during Spirit Week

Reneta (right) dresses up for Gender Reversal Day during Spirit Week

We spread the news around school, and at first nobody wanted to participate. But in the end, to our surprise, most students did wear the colors assigned to their grades. It was a very fun experience for all the students and staff members and we had fun organizing it and taking pictures of the most attractive and funny costumes. We are planning to have another Spirit Week in the spring and maybe even a school dance for the younger students, since they usually don’t get to have that experience until they are 16.

I really loved that a lot of the students liked the idea and participated in our own Spirit Week!