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Hosting an American student in my home

August 10, 2017
American Councils Serbia organizes Balkan Language Initiative Program for American students who wish to study Serbian language in Belgrade, Serbia, throughout the year. Alexandra Karppi is one of the students who came to Belgrade to study Serbian on an eight-week long program from June 17 to August 14, 2017. Alexandra and other ...

Re-entry Seminar Made the 2017 Bulgarian Alumni Part of the YES Family

July 20, 2017    Bulgaria, yes alumni
By Mirela Minkova, YES 2016-2017 Bulgaria, hosted by American Councils in Edwardsville, IL One of the most exciting parts of coming back to Bulgaria after one academic year in the United States is the re-entry seminar for the newest Bulgarian alumni. The meeting gave us the chance to share our ...

First OPIT program participant in Bulgaria

20170615_183835 (1)
John Seman is the fist participant in OPIT program in Bulgaria. OPIT - Overseas Professional and Intercultural Training Program  gives students the substantive overseas professional experience and intercultural skills demanded by today's global market. Here is what John shares about his personal experience during the 6-week stay in Sofia. I’m ...

My two months summer internship in Macedonia

July 18, 2017
By Raahil Krishna Amarshi, Lehigh Internship Program participant     My name is Raahil Amarshi. I am a Tanzanian student at Lehigh University, in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania. I just completed my first year of university in the USA pursuing industrial and systems engineering alongside computer science. My university consists of an ...


June 21, 2017    americancouncils, newpresident, president
            The Board of Trustees of American Councils for International Education is pleased to announce that Mr. Lorne Craner will succeed Dr. Dan E. Davidson to become the second President of American Councils, effective July 5, 2017. The Transition Committee of the Board carried out ...

2017 Balkan Insider Tour an "Unmatched Journey" Through Bulgaria and Macedonia

June 16, 2017
Boating at the springs of the Crni Drim river in Sveti Naum, Macedonia
Lunch break at the Puldin Restaurant in Plovdiv, Bulgaria Contemplating by Orpheus’ symbolic grave in Tatul, Bulgaria Getting the feeling of the Black Sea, Varna, Bulgaria Ancient city of Heraclea, Bitola, Macedonia Boating at the springs of the Crni Drim river in Sveti Naum, Macedonia Enjoying the breeze by the ...

Welcome home YES generation 2016/2017, Bulgaria

June 16, 2017
By Rumyana Yotova, program and administrative assistant, AC Bulgaria  After more than 10 months in U.S. the eighth generation Bulgarian participants in YES program arrived home on June 16th. Ten students from different cities in Bulgaria was selected for scholarship and spent one academic year living with American host family ...


June 9, 2017    JFDP
              On June 8, 2017, dr Jelena Runić of Johns Hopkins University conducted a successful two-hour workshop called "FROM PHYSICS TO MUSIC: ABSTRACT WRITING WORKSHOP FOR NON-NATIVE SPEAKERS OF ENGLISH" at Američki kutak Beograd - American Corner Belgrade for general audience and A-SMYLE/FLEX alumni. ...

Lessons Learned Abroad

By: Maeve Brind'Amour YES Abroad, 2016-17 Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina If I was asked last year to point out Bosnia and Herzegovina on a map, I wouldn’t have been able to. As I’m now nearing the tenth month of my exchange in Bosnia, it’s hard to believe that a country ...

The final countdown - end of year orientation for YES abroad students in Bulgaria

June 1, 2017    Bulgaria, yes abroad
By Rumyana Yotova, program and administrative assistant, AC Bulgaria It’s been almost 9 months since the first generation YES abroad students arrived in Bulgaria. I still remember the excitement that we the AC staff together with the host families experienced while waiting for Rachel, Elijah and Sophia to arrive at ...