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A-SMYLE Alumni's Advice to Future FLEX Students

Serbia FLEX 2
Jovana, Serbia - “I would recommend you to take at least one AP class to challenge yourself. You think it will be hard at the beginning, and it will be, but at the end – you won’t regret it! Also, if you have problems with your host family, you need ...

Charity Concert "Let's Sing for the Dragons"("Pevajmo za Zmajeve")

January 8, 2015    A-SMYLE Alumni, Charity Concert, Serbia
By Dusan Ilic, Alumni Coordinator for Serbia On 25th of May, A-SMYLE Alumnus Aleksandar Nikolic, with the help of me and alumna Marija Draskic '07, organized a charity concert for orphanage Jovan Jovanovic Zmaj. The goal of this concert was to collect money to buy sanitary products for the shelter. All the ...

GYSD: Flip the Playground

By Nemanja Ostojic, A - SMYLE Montenegro '12 I had my first encounter with this problem at the end of my elementary school. It continued thorough the high school, and now when I am in college, the problem is still there. Nemanja Ostojic '12 and Vasilije Adzic '12, in front ...