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A-SMYLE Alumni's Advice to Future FLEX Students

Serbia FLEX 2
Jovana, Serbia - “I would recommend you to take at least one AP class to challenge yourself. You think it will be hard at the beginning, and it will be, but at the end – you won’t regret it! Also, if you have problems with your host family, you need ...

NATO - What do you say about it? (NATO - Šta kažeš NA TO?)

March 7, 2014    A-SMYLE, Alumni, Montenegro
by Ivan Vuksanovic, Alumni Coordinator for Montenegro Students debating about NATO integration of Montenegro The national debate tournament “NATO, what do you say about that?” organized by the Montenegrin - American Youth Alumni Association (MAYAA) took place from October 18 to October 20, at the University of Donja Gorica in ...

A "Legendoggy" Project in Serbia

August 27, 2013    A-SMYLE, Serbia
By Jelena Karlica, A-SMYLE Serbia, ‘11Volunteers plant grass and make a pathway out of bricksThe "How I Met My Dog" renovation project was held at the Bella dog shelter in Budisava, Serbia, on July 27. The project was organized by A-SMYLE alumni Boris Jovanovic, ’07; Jelena Karlica, '11; Stefan Panic, ...