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Everyday is a Holiday

January 21, 2019    Bulgaria, exchangeourworld, klyes, yesabroad
Grace 1
By Grace Bird, YES abroad Bulgaria '18 Today while eating breakfast with my host mom, she laughingly told me, “Today is a holiday!”. We laugh because every day, especially in the recent weeks of late December and Early January, there has been a new celebration. Bulgaria is primarily Orthodox Christian, ...

I am learning Bulgarian / Аз Уча Български

October 12, 2017    Bulgaria, yes abroad
By  Margaret Gleason, YES abroad 2017/2018, Bulgaria "Happy October everyone! Whoa. It’s October. I got here in August. I have now officially spent an entire calendar month in Bulgaria. Whoa. I would write a reflection looking back on my first month in Bulgaria — what I’ve learned, what I’ve done, ...

Re-entry Seminar Made the 2017 Bulgarian Alumni Part of the YES Family

July 20, 2017    Bulgaria, yes alumni
By Mirela Minkova, YES 2016-2017 Bulgaria, hosted by American Councils in Edwardsville, IL One of the most exciting parts of coming back to Bulgaria after one academic year in the United States is the re-entry seminar for the newest Bulgarian alumni. The meeting gave us the chance to share our ...

First OPIT program participant in Bulgaria

20170615_183835 (1)_Easy-Resize.com
John Seman is the fist participant in OPIT program in Bulgaria. OPIT - Overseas Professional and Intercultural Training Program  gives students the substantive overseas professional experience and intercultural skills demanded by today's global market. Here is what John shares about his personal experience during the 6-week stay in Sofia. I’m ...

The final countdown - end of year orientation for YES abroad students in Bulgaria

June 1, 2017    Bulgaria, yes abroad
By Rumyana Yotova, program and administrative assistant, AC Bulgaria It’s been almost 9 months since the first generation YES abroad students arrived in Bulgaria. I still remember the excitement that we the AC staff together with the host families experienced while waiting for Rachel, Elijah and Sophia to arrive at ...

Human library project with YES Abroad students in Bulgaria

May 12, 2017    Bulgaria, yes abroad
By Rachel Freeman, YES Abroad student in Bulgaria At the beginning of the year, I signed up for an elective class called Confronting Racism. It’s new and our main goal was to build a foundation. We’ve watched a few documentaries, taken a field trip, discussed the role of Roma people ...

Student Training and Empowerment Program (STEP)

April 4, 2017    Bulgaria, yes alumni
BULGARIA Step by Step Georgi Bakoev
  The Student Training and Empowerment Program (STEP), the newest program administered by the American Councils office in Bosnia and Herzegovina, aims to combat the growing societal problem known as “brain drain” in Bosnia and Herzegovina by teaching select junior and senior university students how to be competitive in the job market ...

Baba Marta in Illinois - Teaching my community about Bulgarian traditions

March 3, 2017    Bulgaria, klyes, yes alumni
Mirela 1
Today we got a letter from Mirela Minkova, YES student currently on the program. Here is how she celebrates Bulgarian Holiday and share about her country and customs to her American friends and her host community! Dear American Councils, Thank you for the great opportunity that you have given me ...

American Councils Bulgaria Awarded by the Bulgarian NGO Portal

February 23, 2017    Bulgaria
NGObg awards
On February 22, 2017 the annual award ceremony organized by the Information Portal of Nongovernmental Organizations in Bulgaria  (www.ngobg.info) was held in Sofia. The NGO Portal is the main source of information about Bulgarian non-profit organization; it contains database of more than 13500 registered organizations and every organization can publish ...

"Surva" - Bulgarian masquerade festival between the tradition and the modernity

January 31, 2017    Bulgaria, yes abroad
By Rumyana Yotova,  American Councils Bulgaria Program assistant On January 28th American Councils team in Sofia together with YES abroad students Rachel Freeman and Elijah Septoff visited the International festival of masquerade games “Surva”. The festival traditionally takes place in the city of Pernik every year in the last weekend ...