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YES Student Honored as Homecoming King

August 26, 2019    klyes, macedonia, YES
Homecoming King Igor and his Queen
By Igor Stojkov '20, currently on program in U.S.   Hello everyone, my name is Igor Stojkov and I come from North Macedonia. I have just started my exchange year, but however, I experienced a thousands of different things and feelings. I was really nervous and excited about coming to ...

FLEX and YES Alumni Unite to Develop Entrepreneurial Skills for Social Change

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From October 12-16, 34 FLEX and YES alumni from Southeast Europe representing seven countries and seven program generations gathered in Krushevo, Macedonia, for the StartQube Social Entrepreneurship Workshop. The StartQube program was developed by Startup Zone, a Macedonia-based team who are themselves young entrepreneurs. This program was funded by the ...

Summer Internship in Macedonia

August 12, 2016    Lehigh University, macedonia, Skopje
By Emily Okrepkie, Lehigh Intership Program participant  On my second day in Macedonia, I took the wrong bus nine stops in the wrong direction. When the remaining passengers on the bus got off at the last stop, I followed their lead and hoped I was close to home. After a ...

City Representatives meet to discuss future projects, strategies

The City Representatives met on Thursday, July 14 and Friday, July 15 in Berovo, Macedonia at Hotel Manastir  for a mid-term conference to discuss past projects and brainstorm ideas for future projects. After the group arrived and ate lunch together, they engaged in several team-building activities to kick off the ...

YES Finalists from South East Europe prepare for stay in the United States at pre-departure orientation

The pre-departure orientation for YES finalists from South East Europe was held in Krusevo, Macedonia, this past weekend from Friday, July 9 to Monday, July 12. The orientation, which is also referred to as the PDO, was held to educate students about life in America and to prepare them for their time ...

YES Alumni Mingle at Welcome Party

July 1, 2016    macedonia, YES, yes abroad, yes alumni
To celebrate the return of the YES Alumni 2015-2016, a party was held at American Councils on Saturday, June 25. The new alumni retuned to Macedonia from the United States a few days before the party, and the event was a way for them to get to know each other ...

Learn where the YES finalists from Macedonia will be placed for the 2016-2017 school year

Map of finalists
Learn where the YES finalists from Macedonia will be placed for the 2016-2017 school year. The map will be updated as more students are placed with host families!

City Representatives work to make a positive impact on their communities

When YES Alumni Marija Krsteva wanted to volunteer more in her community and promote the opportunities that are available through YES Abroad, she decided to become a City Representative. City Representatives are leaders within the YES Alumni community, and they work to coordinate and promote various projects within their groups. City Representatives ...

YES Abroad Alumni 2015-2016 return to the United States

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YES Abroad Macedonia 2015-2016 students ended their 10-month stay in Macedonia this weekend and arrived in the United States on Monday, June 13. Alumni Marina Godinez, Brendan Schultz, Charlie Bordeon, and Maxwell Myers touched down on Monday and then made their way to Washington, D.C. for a debrief orientation. The four spent ...

YES Abroad students, YES Alumni participate in Macedonia’s Model United Nations

June 8, 2016    macedonia, YES, yes abroad
Maxwell Myers, YES abroad student Macedonia, shared his experience at Macedonia's Model United Nations on May 28: "After months of preparation and hard work, the 5th Session of Macedonia’s Model United Nations was under way. People from across Macedonia, including Kosovo, were ready to represent their respective countries. Along with my ...