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Black History Month in Banjaluka, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Black History month Workshop in Banjaluka
On February 14th, eleven 7th grade students from a local elementary school Georgi Stojkov Rakovski in Banjaluka had an opportunity to meet our YES Abroad exchange students Chloe Koebel, Ella Thompson and Bryca Song-Weiss for an interactive workshop on the topic of the Black History Month. This event was organized ...

I am thankful for… Thanksgiving!

Elementary school students wave "Thank you!" after their Thanksgiving workshop
This year’s Thanksgiving wasn’t only different for our YES Abroad exchange students in Banjaluka, but also for a group of 5th and 6th grade students from a local elementary school “Borisav Stankovic”, who had an opportunity to participate in an educational, interactive workshop about the history and meaning of Thanksgiving. ...

How YES Abroad students brought Halloween to Banja Luka

YES Abroad students Bryca, Chloe and Ella dressed up as American tourists to host a Halloween party for children at the American Corner in Banja Luka As Halloween was approaching, our YES Abroad students in Banja Luka eagerly decided to share some of the Halloween spirit with children and their peers as well. At ...

I am learning Bulgarian / Аз Уча Български

October 12, 2017    Bulgaria, yes abroad
By  Margaret Gleason, YES abroad 2017/2018, Bulgaria "Happy October everyone! Whoa. It’s October. I got here in August. I have now officially spent an entire calendar month in Bulgaria. Whoa. I would write a reflection looking back on my first month in Bulgaria — what I’ve learned, what I’ve done, ...

Lessons Learned Abroad

By: Maeve Brind'Amour YES Abroad, 2016-17 Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina If I was asked last year to point out Bosnia and Herzegovina on a map, I wouldn’t have been able to. As I’m now nearing the tenth month of my exchange in Bosnia, it’s hard to believe that a country ...

The final countdown - end of year orientation for YES abroad students in Bulgaria

June 1, 2017    Bulgaria, yes abroad
By Rumyana Yotova, program and administrative assistant, AC Bulgaria It’s been almost 9 months since the first generation YES abroad students arrived in Bulgaria. I still remember the excitement that we the AC staff together with the host families experienced while waiting for Rachel, Elijah and Sophia to arrive at ...

Human library project with YES Abroad students in Bulgaria

May 12, 2017    Bulgaria, yes abroad
By Rachel Freeman, YES Abroad student in Bulgaria At the beginning of the year, I signed up for an elective class called Confronting Racism. It’s new and our main goal was to build a foundation. We’ve watched a few documentaries, taken a field trip, discussed the role of Roma people ...

"Surva" - Bulgarian masquerade festival between the tradition and the modernity

January 31, 2017    Bulgaria, yes abroad
By Rumyana Yotova,  American Councils Bulgaria Program assistant On January 28th American Councils team in Sofia together with YES abroad students Rachel Freeman and Elijah Septoff visited the International festival of masquerade games “Surva”. The festival traditionally takes place in the city of Pernik every year in the last weekend ...

Not Quite 17 Again: A YES Abroad Alumna Returns to Sarajevo

A picture of me when I first arrived in Sarajevo as a YES Abroad student in 2013
By Emma Morgan, American Councils BiH Administrative Intern, YES Abroad Bosnia and Herzegovina '14 Returning to the place where you were a high school exchange student is a strange thing. At times, you feel like you’re 17 again, but the trick is to remember that you’re not. You’re older now, ...

Holiday Cheer At The American Corner in Banja Luka

YES Abroad student Tana and Deputy Director of the Embassy Branch Office with kids at Thanksgiving
By Lela Draganić, YES Programs Local Coordinator for Bosnia and Herzegovina   YES Abroad student Tana and Deputy Director of the Embassy Branch Office with kids at Thanksgiving For three years now, the American Corner in Banja Luka has been a wonderful partner to American Councils in Bosnia and Herzegovina. ...