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American Councils in Southeast Europe (SEE) seeks PDO Teachers to prepare U.S. State Department FLEX and YES exchange program scholarship winners for the 2017-18 school year. Under the guidance of American Councils, PDO Teachers and FLEX/YES alumni Teaching Assistants will orient finalists to American culture and family life at PDOs to be held June-July 2017.

Job Description

PDO teachers will be requested to:

  • Attend the entire four-day training of trainers (ToT) to be held in Kyiv, Ukraine in March 2017 to learn about the FLEX/YES goals and objectives and the PDO teaching methods and materials.
  • Collaborate with FLEX/YES alumni Teaching Assistants to prepare sessions and teaching materials.
  • Team-teach sessions at PDOs to be held in June-July 2017 in Serbia (for students from Montenegro and Serbia) and/or Macedonia (for students from Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Kosovo, and Macedonia).
  • Assist American Councils staff with occasional non-classroom responsibilities at the PDOs.


PDO teachers must:

  • Be American citizens, with native English language skills.
  • Have attended a U.S. high school in the USA.
  • Have teaching experience, preferably high school level.
  • Have recently lived or still live in at least one of the SEE program countries (Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Kosovo, Macedonia, Montenegro, Serbia).
  • Have local language skills relevant to one or more of these countries.
  • Have interpersonal skills and ability to work with staff of different ages and cultural backgrounds.
  • Be available to teach two to four PDO cycles between June 15 and July 15, 2017 (as determined by Program Hub Director)

This teaching opportunity is compliant with Peace Corps guidelines for volunteer activities.

PDO Teacher applicants should email

  • statement of purpose,
  • resume, and
  • passport copy (pdf)

to: pdoteacher@americancouncilssee.org by January 20, 2017.