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By Dusan Bogicevic, A-SMYLE Serbia, ‘11


There were long lines outside…

From April 1-2, the 3rd Annual Science Fair, organized by A-SMYLE alumni, was held at the Leskovac Culture Centre in Leskovac, Serbia. The fair consisted of two parts: experiments and lectures.

The experiments were housed in the Leskovac Culture Centre hall, and the lectures were held in the movie theatre room next to the hall. 13 teams of high school students from 10 high schools all across Serbia competed in the experiment portion of the fair. From 11am-5pm on both days of the event, they repeated the experiments they had come to demonstrate. 

Alongside the experiments there were 13 lectures held by some of the top scientists in Serbia and other countries in Europe. The lectures covered the areas of genetics, astronomy, ecology, English, mathematics, physics, geography, the practical use of biology and plants in science, and more. Special guests included the top geneticist in Serbia, Dr. Miodrag Stojkovic; one of Europe’s top Astronomers, Dr. Milan Dimitrijevic; and other top professors from Serbian scientific society.


But inside, there was plenty of science for everyone!

In addition to the demonstrations and lectures, there was also a mobile planetarium, which was a special attraction for the younger attendees.

The 2013 science fair was the largest ever organized in Leskovac, and because of this, many of the citizens in the town were very interested. The turnout to the event reflected this. There was a huge crowd of people in front of the culture centre before the fair opened, and there was never a dull moment. The participants could hardly keep up the experiments with the demand of the public. All of the stands were crowded with people at all times, the planetarium tours went every fifteen minutes, and every lecture was packed. There was something for everyone, from 1st graders to teachers and professors. Everyone lived up to their standards, and we received nothing but good feedback from both the participants and visitors.  Over all there were well over 5,000 visitors, which makes this Science Fair a complete success!