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By Maria Ivanova, YES Bulgaria ’19


Why I applied for YES program?

I am interested in American culture and American people. The prospect of studying in a different country will give me a great chance to understand the host society and their true everyday life at first hand. And it will open my eyes to political and social developments. Being there I will be able to see differences between the American and Bulgarian culture and the way we do things differently.  By attending an American high school I will explore alternative ways of teaching/learning. But most of all, I will be out of my familiar surrounding. This gives me a great opportunity to grow and learn more about myself. I am so excited to experience this possible life-changing event.

My American dream

My American dream is by attending an American High School is to encounter new experiences, meet inspiring people coming from all corners of the globe and travel(s) through the yet unknown, fueling my memories and thus be very helpful for developing the thing that passionate my life – drama, acting, theater.

What I want to share from my culture during the YES program year?

I want to make a creative presentation that will show the special and mysterious sides of my country. I will talk about our millennium-old cultural and economical history, traditions, and folklore. Also, I will create a video about our gorgeous nature. And being a dancer as extra feature I’ll show some of the Bulgarian folk dances.

Why everyone should apply and what was most challenging for me during the YES competition?

If you want to live the biggest adventure of your life!

If you want to see yourself in a completely new environment!

If traveling is your passion!

If you adore learning new languages!

If you want personal development and growth!

Just apply for YES. Nothing is as challenging. Of course it depends on your perspective and how you look up to the things but if this is your dream you can do everything to make it come true. And you know ‘the best view comes after the hardest climb’.