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By YES Abroad student, Faber Lynagh Petersen



Myself, Natalia and Emily have had the pleasure to share our knowledge of essay writing with many students around Skopje. Through four separate sessions, we have tried our best to teach students around 13-16 years old a successful way to write an essay. By using lessons we ourselves have learned throughout our years of schooling where we have written many essays, as well as what we have discovered ourselves when writing essays for out-of-school reasons, we expressed an effective way to combat essay writing.


We explained a simple method of writing essays, that can be used when writing in any language and for most topics, that highlighted the importance of thinking deeply about an essay prompt and your response, brainstorming on paper to organize, writing a three-five paragraph essay, and editing. Through practice brainstorm sessions we could see that what we were telling the students was really sinking in, and we received feedback that the students were more confident on how to write a clear essay. At the end, we told the students that a time when we wrote essays was when we applied for YES, and encouraged them to look into the program as well.