YES Abroad students, YES Alumni participate in Macedonia’s Model United Nations

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Maxwell Myers, YES abroad student Macedonia, shared his experience at Macedonia’s Model United Nations on May 28:

“After months of preparation and hard work, the 5th Session of Macedonia’s Model United Nations was under way. People from across Macedonia, including Kosovo, were ready to represent their respective countries. Along with my fellow YES Abroad students, YES Alumni, and friends, we made our way to the conference as delegates representing Russia. As delegates from Russia, we were tasked with job of portraying the interests of The Russian Federation within our committees in the United Nations.

My fellow YES Abroad student, Brendan Schultz, and I, were tasked with representing Russia in the Security Council. Since the early hours of the morning until the latter hours of the afternoon, we debated on an array of topics and worked with other countries to make resolutions. The opportunity to work in a committee such as the Security Council proved to be a great challenge for us. Challenges pertaining to working in the Security Council ranged from working on a crisis issue to making resolutions pertaining to the current crisis in The Central African Republic.

received_10207826551236459This opportunity was an amazing experience because it pushed my fellow
delegates and me to learn how to cooperate, mediate, and form coherent arguments while represent the interests of our countries. In addition to this, I am sure that the skills I gain here will assist me in becoming a better public speaker, debater, and representative of my views.”