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To celebrate the return of the YES Alumni 2015-2016, a party was held at American Councils on Saturday, June 25. The new alumni retuned to Macedonia from the United States a few days before the party, and the event was a way for them to get to know each other and other YES Alumni.

The party started when those in attendance went around the room to introduce themselves and tell the group where they were placed in the United States. The group then mingled and chatted in both Macedonian and English about their experiences. Alumni discussed what they enjoyed about the United States, what surprised them about the United States, and what they learned during their time abroad.

photo for party

They also shared stories about their unique experiences and then talked about what they hope to accomplish now that they are back in Macedonia and have access to the support system and network of YES Alumni.
Rina Halili, who spent the past year in Minnesota, said she was thankful the party gave her the opportunity to talk with everyone and hear about their experiences.

“Everyone was very welcoming and friendly,” she said. “The alumni really helped us by sharing some information and tips on what can we do in the future as YES Alumni.”

She also said she “really enjoyed” the food at the party. The Mexican lunch included mini burritos and quesadillas in addition to various soft drinks and chocolate-covered churros for dessert.