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I was in my first year of high school when I heard of the YES program and decided to apply for it. At the time it seemed like an unrealistic goal, but I didn’t let that stop me from applying. With each round that I passed, I kept thinking “This is the furthest I will get”. Contrary to my expectations, I got an email in spring that said I was selected as a program finalist. It took me some time to actually believe it.

A few months later, I got an email that included information about my placement in the United States. I was placed in Oshkosh, Wisconsin. I had two host parents and three host siblings who I am still in touch with. I usually volunteered at the local church where I helped with fund raisers and charity events. I went to Oshkosh West High school where I loved the welcoming atmosphere, made friends, joined sport teams and learned things I wouldn’t have gotten the chance to learn otherwise.  I also got the opportunity to see many American towns and cities in the Midwest, which was a big and exciting part of the entire YES experience.

Applying for YES and getting selected as a finalist for the program has definitely been the biggest and best experience so far. It has an incredibly big impact on students, and it’s more than just fun. There’s lots of personal growth and learning involved, both academic and nonacademic.

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