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By Igor Stojkov ’20, currently on program in U.S.


Hello everyone, my name is Igor Stojkov and I come from North Macedonia. I have just started my exchange year, but however, I experienced a thousands of different things and feelings. I was really nervous and excited about coming to the United States of America, in the beautiful state of New Hampshire. I was prepared for everything, but I could not imagine that I will end up being homecoming king !

Igor Stojkov '20 and his host family shortly after arrival

Igor Stojkov ’20 and his host family shortly after arrival

I arrived at the airport in Manchester, New Hampshire and I met my host family. My host family and I were screaming out of happiness and when we arrived home, I was beyond surprised by the beauty of Northwood and New Hampshire. I had a lot of different expectations, concerns and feelings. But, when I met my host family for the first time, I just knew that we will get along really well. And that happened. I think that I am the first exchange student ever who got injured on his second day of his exchange year. Yes, I did that. I twisted my ankle and it was so painful. I had to see a doctor, and thankfully, nothing was broken. My host family were so caring and they helped me a lot. It was my first visit to an American urgent care and my first x-ray ever. Even though I was in pain, everything went good and I will have really interesting story to tell about the first days of my exchange year. On Labour Day, we went to the lake and I tried tubing, which was really fun and it was an amazing experience for me. And that is not the most exciting part.

Homecoming King Igor and his Queen

Homecoming King Igor and his Queen

My first day of school was on 4th of September. I have missed about 2 weeks of school, so I had to work more in order to catch up what I have missed. Also, homecoming was a thing that everyone talked about. When I stepped into my host school called Coe-Brown Northwood Academy , everyone knew about me and everyone were so friendly with me. I easily made friends. However, I could never imagine what will happen next. Homecoming was on Friday and Saturday (13 and 14 of September) and I was invited to the dance. I have seen more than 20 American High School movies in which they have prom or homecoming where they vote for a king and a queen, and that was so exciting for me. I was not really sure how to vote and for who. Group of people approached me and told me that they voted for me. I was so happy to hear that, but I did not expect to end up being actually the king of the homecoming. It was 9:30pm and the boy that was in charge of the dance announced me and said that I won the Homecoming crown and that 100% of the votes were for me. I could not believe what I heard. That was the most emotional and one of the best moments in my life. More than 100 kids from the school voted for me even though I was in the school for just 2 weeks. I had a dance with the Homecoming queen and it was so emotional and beautiful.

I am so happy that I am doing this !