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By Maja Brkljac, Maja Pejcinovic , Nemanja Miltenovic , Stasa Pribic, Vanja Popov, A-SMYLE ‘13

''Yours Old - Someone's New'' - Poster

The Elementary School Branko Pesic in Belgrade, Serbia, works in bad conditions, and most of the children that go there are very poor. We decided to do something to help them, so we came up with the idea of collecting clothes and school supplies and donating everything to the school.

Some of the clothes collected from one alumna's school.

Some of the clothes collected from one alumna’s school.

Almost all of us go to different schools around Belgrade, so we decided to talk to our principals and ask for their permission to put empty boxes in the hallways, inform our classmates and other friends about our idea, and then everybody that can and wants to help can place the items they donate into those boxes.

We also decided to organize an event with the children at the school so that we can meet them and do something fun together.  As soon as our project proposal was approved, we started promoting our project.  We collected around four suitcases’ worth of clothes, along with some school supplies and board games.  On September 30, we went to the elementary school to donate everything.  For our activity, we chose to show the movie “Despicable Me” to the children.  Snacks and drinks were bought with the money from our budget, and we created something like a little movie theater.

Everyone had a lot of fun, and we decided not to stop with this, but also to continue visiting the school once a month and to create workshops for the children.  It is a very good thing that we got to meet them because now we know them a little bit better and we have ideas for what they would like to do.   It’s a great feeling when you know you did something to help someone!